Move Materials Quartermaster

New Day Transitions (NDT) is a senior move management company. We help seniors move to new homes by providing downsizing, packing, unpacking and decorating services. In order to do our work we need an employee dedicated to handling supplies. The following is a description of that position.

The Move Materials Quartermaster (MMQ) is the employee responsible for procuring, organizing and transporting all move-related materials. Materials include, but are not limited to: boxes, packing materials, tape and tape guns. The MMQ is also responsible for maintaining organized storage of materials when not in use.

The MMQ will be responsible for a company provided debit card and a company provided vehicle. The card will be used for all job-related purchases. The vehicle will be used for transporting materials.

The MMQ position is critically important to the functioning of New Day Transitions. For that reason we are seeking a serious, responsible and reliable person to fill it.


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