Dear TRLA Education Committee,

As the dust continues to settle (some), each of us are carrying-out our work in many different ways.  Some have been impacted more significantly than others.  We all continue to remain committed to the mission and vision of TRLA and appreciate your time, wisdom and support for the quarterly educational events we have successfully hosted this last year.  That said, to even speculate when we could host a community education event would be a guess at best. Currently, we are not meeting as a committee for obvious reasons.  Please email Tammy at and Mark at if you feel that we should be trying to schedule a virtual meeting at this time.

We are, however, supplying the latest advocacy information to President Stephanie Franklin to include with the TRLA newsletter, website and Facebook page.  Case in point, SCAMS related to COVID19 have increased reports of fraud by 43% as of today.  This is a reminder that each of us can be an advocate and remind older adults to avoid calls, texts and emails related to COVID19 or stimulus payments.

Lastly, please let us know if you have any questions, ideas or comments.  Also, if your organization has needs or wants to offer some type of assistance, please look to TRLA as a trusted partner and leader for the senior and retirement community.

Thank you,

Tammy McKee and Mark Hensley

Co-Chairs, TRLA Education/Advocacy Committee