Advocacy News January 21, 2020

POWADA PASSES HOUSE:  Last week, the U.S. House passed the Protecting Older Workers Against Age Discrimination Act (POWADA). Voting yes were 224 Democrats and 34 Republicans — a rare bipartisan victory in today’s Washington. This was a long time coming since the bill was first introduced a decade ago, and a positive step forward on an issue of critical importance to older Americans. A court ruling approximately ten years ago made it harder to prove age discrimination than any other kind of workplace discrimination. POWADA would level the playing field, restoring older workers’ rights to be treated fairly. More and more older Americans are looking to stay in the workforce past traditional retirement age.  AARP research findings report that more than 60% of workers age 45+ have seen or experienced age discrimination. An identical bill has been introduced in the Senate. While there is also some bipartisan support in the upper chamber, the bill’s prospects there are still not clear. AARP will continue to urge the Senate to pass the bill.

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