Demonstrating that there is still SOME regular legislative business happening on Capitol Hill, the Lower Drug Costs Now Act (H.R. 3) worked its way through the U.S. House last week. On Thursday, the Energy & Commerce and Education & Labor Committees both approved the bill in mark-up sessions. Meanwhile, AARP Volunteer President Alicia Georges, again testified before a Congressional committee on the need to lower drug costs. This time, it was House Ways and Means, the third committee with jurisdiction over H.R. 3. We expect Ways & Means to mark up the bill this week, leaving the door open for a floor vote as early as November. To keep the pressure on and remind members of Congress that amidst the swirl of controversy and drama, lowering drug costs is a top priority for millions of Americans, AARP is keeping up a steady drumbeat of calls into congress members who sit on the three committees. AARP is also gearing up to launch calls into all House members who aren’t bill sponsors.  . . well over 300 offices . . . the week of the floor vote. Stay tuned as we head to the finish line with this important legislation.